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La Piccola Masseria in collaborazione con NATURE BIKE di Vito D'Amico organizza 6 percorsi naturalistici in mountain bike. Per maggiori dettagli visitate il sito

The spas of Torre Canne are one of the most best equipped in Europe. For more than a century these thermal springs have been known for their therapeutic virtues. A park of conifers surround a lake formed by water-courses flowing from underground sources, where is a deposit of mud that has been formed during many centuries, and now is used for therapeutic aims. These spas have very modern equipments and a medical team that offer a large number of services and treatment programmes such as mud-therapy, inhalation and gynaecological treatments, care for rhinogenous deafness, motorial and medical gymnastics in group (all supported by the national health system). Moreover, you can practise hydro-kinesitherapy, massage-therapy in the water, physiotherapy and also there is an active beauty-center with many specialist programmes.
curetorre canne

Only 2 km from "La Piccola Masseria" you can find the “Red Water” stables, where it ‘s possible to attend riding lessons and take part in excursions to the countryside.
9 km far, in Montalbano di Fasano, there is “Il Centro Ippico Parco di Mare” where is possible to participate in:
- riding lessons at the basic level (English riding and Western);
- riding lessons at the advanced level (English riding);
- excursions to the countryside and along the seaside, for experts and for beginners;
- lessons of first approaches to the horse for children;
- premarital photographic service.

At Tennis Club Cisternino, located in Itria Valley, it is possible to book a tennis court either ground or indoor field. During the summer, it is also possible to attend individual courses or participate in amateur tournaments or professional competitions.


Only 1 km from “La Piccola Masseria” it is possible to use an all equipped soccer field on synthetic grass, also for night matches.


San Domenico golf course is on the border between the ancient city of Egnatia (V century B. C.) and the harbour of Savelletri. The path extends among the Adriatic Sea, the cultivated fields and the olive groves; surely it is a challenging golf course of 18 holes. Realized by famous European architects of the sector (European Golf design), the field is large more than 6200m (6813 yards), has a par of 72 shots and in according to the highest standard with the green complying with the specifications of USGA. The wind will play a significant role during the challenge, with also the strategic bunker, the well-structured fairway and the well thought-out green. Olive trees, grape-vines, myrtle, sage and thyme are the typical plants of Apulia region that make the golf course a typical mediterranean area.


In Castellana Grotte, at the National School of free flight, A.S. Fly way, organizes courses of hill side flying. “A. S. Fly” association is the only school certified in Apulia region and one of the few in the South-Italy. The logistic-area is in Castellana Grotte (BA), while most activities take place in the village “Loggia of Pilate”. The school uses numerous technical devices in order to adopt the best methods of teaching: projection and overhead projector for theoretical lessons, equipment of maximum quality for pratical lessons. So, all the curious of the flight are invited to participate by trying either flight in tandem or the free day-test at school. Their various courses are designed to provide the appropriate technical support at every level of experience. The sign-up to courses are open for all the year.

In a village Coccaro of Fasano, it is possible to use an equipped track for go-kart for lovers of motorsports that want to feel like a drivers of Formula 1.


It is the largest Zoosafari in Italy with its 140 hectares of faunistic and amusement park. In this area, absolutely protected, there are around 1.700 animals, over 200 species, at complete and full liberty. During the last years, it has been supplemented in a fun park with new and exciting attractions for all ages. It is possible to visit: the theatre of animals with dolphin and seal shows and also the “Fantasy Theatre” where attractions and shows range from illusionist to performances of international circus artists. Moreover, there are: the great lake of mammals, the “Monkey Village”, the tropical area, rides and games for children and adults, the classic restaurant "IL COCCODRILLO", bar-fast food, the self-service "Safari", the market of souvenirs and you can’t miss the offers of the typical cuisine.


In Torre Guaceto, in the Natural Reserve, it’s possible to participate in various activities such as ciclotrekking, seawatching, yoga and apnea. The natural reserve of Torre Guaceto extends for approximately 1,200ha, by presenting a marine area that develops for 8,000 Mt. The area is configured as a rectangle more or less regular, with an average depth of 3,000 metres, crossed and divided by the 379 highway.The systems that develop upstream and downstream of the national highway are profoundly different. Upstream there is an agricultural system typical of the area that is similar to the surrounding natural environment. Even though the coast line is short it is varied. In particular, the southern side of Torre Guaceto’s coast is linear and consists mainly of a clayey cliff. Instead, the northern coast is characterised by a small cliff rocky with jagged edges that form a series of small creeks.


It is situated in Castellana Grotte and there are about 20 copies of dinosaurs in fibreglass. It is a perfect itinerary for tourists that want to go back in time and see hot the earth looked like millions of years ago. It is certainly a didactic guided path that will entairtain adults and children.


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